bc Blend Crop

Adjusts the alignment of the image being applied with the source image. Valid values are top, middle, bottom, left, center, and right. Multiple values can be used by separating them with a comma.

Controls how the input image is aligned when the fit parameter is set to bc. Valid values are top, bottom, left, right, and faces. Multiple values can be used by separating them with a comma ,. If no value is explicitly set, the default behavior is to center the image.

The following arguments are valid for specifying a crop mode.

  • Unset: Default. Crop to the centef of the image.
  • top: Crop from the top of the image, down.
  • bottom: Crop from the bottom of the image, up.
  • left: Crop from the left of the image, right.
  • right: Crop from the right of the image, left.
  • faces: If faces are detected in the image, attempts to center the crop to them. Otherwise, the cropping alignment will default to centered if no additional values are provided. For example, bc=faces,top,right will crop to faces, and if there are no faces, then crops to the top, right.