or Orientation

By default, imgix automatically uses Exchangable image file format (Exif) data to automatically orient your photos correctly. This process can be manually manipulated using your query string and the or parameter. You can set the value either to 1 through 8 following Exif format, or to 90, 180, 270, etc. as degree aliases for the Exif values where 90 = 6, 180 = 3, and 270 = 8. Using a value of 0 will rotate the image zero degrees, effectively ignoring the Exif data provided with the image.

Alternately, if your image does not contain Exif orientation data, we assume a value of 0 and do not rotate the image. If you know that this data will not be set, you can instead use the rot parameter in your query string with degree values. One important distinction between the two is that or is intended to correct the cardinal orientation of the image, whereas rot is intended for straightening the image. (i.e. correcting camera tilt on a horizon line). rot will rotate your image within the existing frame, whereas or will rotate the frame as well.