On July 13, imgix implemented new pricing for all new users who sign up with imgix. This article covers all the information in regards to legacy pricing.

How and when will I be billed on legacy pricing?

We bill on the first of each month for the previous month's total. Origin image and bandwidth counts also reset at this time.

What and how am I being charged?

You are only charged for the number of Origin Images in your account and the amount of bandwidth consumed. We charge $3 for every 1000 Origin Images accessed each month plus 8¢ per GB of CDN bandwidth used each month.

You can see a full breakdown of pricing on our pricing page.

How are Origin Images calculated?

We count and charge for Origin Images requested each month. This counter resets on the 1st of every month, so it's typical to see a high count early in the month as customers view your site and the Origin Images are fetched, rendered, and cached in response. The count will slow down as the month progresses unless a large number of new Origin Images are requested (either due to long-tail content being activated or new Origins being added to your Source and then requested).

If an Origin Image is not accessed again in a new month, they will be left out of your total Origin Image count.

Here's an example scenario that illustrates how Origin Images are counted between 2 months:

  1. Say you have 1000 Origin Images that were accessed on January 2nd.
  2. If they are no longer accessible, they will still count as Origin Images for the month of January since they were accessed in that month.
  3. In February, they will no longer count since they will return a 404 response and cannot be accessed in that month.

If I purge an Origin Image, will it be counted again as another Origin Image?

Origin Images are counted by URL paths in a single month. If an asset has already been counted for a month and it is purged and accessed again, it will only register as a single Origin Image for that month.

If a file is removed from your origin and purged so that it returns an error, it will not be counted as an Origin Image only if there were no successful requests to that image during that entire month. Otherwise, the count will reset next month, and requests to the removed image will not register as an Origin Image since it will return a 404 error instead.

How do you calculate the bandwidth charge?

We charge for bandwidth based on the amount it takes to serve your optimized Derivative Images to your customers. We don't charge for bandwidth when fetching Origin Images from your origin.

Monthly minimum fee

We have a $10 minimum to maintain your imgix account. If you generate less than $10 in origin image requests and bandwidth charges (combined) in a given month, your account will be billed the minimum amount of $10.

Note: Even if your Source is disabled, it's still possible for an image to be served from our cache, which triggers the monthly minimum fee. If an image returns a 410, it will not be trigger monthly minimum billing.

If you've cancelled your account but are still being charged the monthly minimum fee, please contact support for help on investigating the charge.

If you wish to migrate to the new free tier on our new pricing plans to remove the $10 minimum, you can also contact support to migrate your account. Note that there are new usage limits for free imgix users. These are:

  • Maximmum number of active Sources: 2
  • Maximum number of users: 2
  • Maximum number of origin images: 1000
  • If the maximum number of origin images is reached, no new images will be allowed to be served from the Source until the next billing month unless the account is upgraded to the next available plan

You can see all the details about new pricing on our pricing page.

Types of legacy plans

There are two types of billing available for all accounts. How you will be billed depends on your type of account.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: We charge the credit card on file and email a receipt
  • Volume Pricing: We email an invoice to the billing contact on the account

Paying your bill

If your account is under the Pay-As-You-Go plan, you can pay for your account in two ways.

Option 1: Setting up auto-pay

Setting up auto-pay is the best way to ensure that your account stays up and running. You can do this easily by adding a credit card in your dashboard.

To add a card, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your imgix account
  2. On the dashboard, click your account at the top right ---> click Billing
  3. Click "Add a card" or click "Update" under Billing Details
  4. Enter your credit card info
  5. Save and done! Your account is now set up for automatic billing

Option 2: Paying via invoice

If you received an invoice from imgix, there is a link on that invoice where you can click to pay your bill online.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, simply login to your account dashboard disable your Sources to ensure that images are not being served. If images are not being served from your account, you will not be billed and the monthly minimum amount will not be enforced in your account.

Note: Disabling a source does not prevent cached images from being served. If you wish to pause your service, we recommend reaching out to our support team so they can assist you.

Alternatively, you can delete your account by clicking the delete account button in your account settings.

This will effectively delete your account and your Sources so that you won't be billed anymore going forward.

What happens when I cancel my account?

Once your account is canceled, the following actions will occur:

  1. All images that are currently being displayed online will also stop being served through imgix. Any existing image that is accessed will instead return a 410 error.
  2. Before canceling your account, it's recommended to ensure that your images are no longer being served online or index in search web results.
  3. You will no longer be able to access your account through imgix.
  4. You will receive a final bill for your final month of usage.

I canceled my service, why am I still receiving a bill?

Upon cancellation, you may receive a final bill for that month's usage of service prior to canceling your account.

If you are seeing unexpected usage, contact support, as you may still be serving images out of our CDN cache.

How do I restart a canceled service?

If you disabled your Sources, log back in to your account to enable your Sources again.

Otherwise, if you deleted your account, please email our support team in order to reinstate your account.


What happens if I don't pay my bill?

You have 90 days to make payments on overdue invoices.

If 90 days have elapsed on an overdue invoice, then the account is at risk at being cancelled due to non payment.

A cancelled account will no longer serve images, causing all previously working images to return 404's.