imgix is designed from the ground up to deliver the highest quality images to your users as fast as possible. Our service connects directly to your existing images and serves them directly to your users. The following documentation explains how to integrate imgix into your applications and websites.

Getting Started

Set up your imgix account and billing, and learn about imgix’s analytics and terminology.

Creating Sources

Connect imgix to your existing image storage. Supported image storage sources are currently Amazon S3, web folder, or web proxy.

Serving Images

Learn how to serve images out of imgix, including simple resizes and crops.

Securing Images

Secure your images so that you maintain control of how they are displayed on the Internet.

Purging Images

Learn how to remove images from imgix’s caching layers or update images that have changed.


Learn terminology relevant to imaging and the imgix service.

Status Code Reference

A list of status codes returned by the imgix service and what they mean