API Rate Limits

API Rate Limits

Our APIs have variable rate limits depending on the endpoint. To ensure that requests complete and do not return a rate limiting error, we recommend throttling requests to the Management API based on the following rate limits provided.

We return a 429 Too Many Requests error to new API requests if the rate limit is exceeded for any given endpoint. Once that happens, we will reject new requests to that endpoint until rate limiting subsides. The rate limits are listed below:

imgix APIRate Limit
default rate limit4 per second
update source60 per hour
create source60 per hour
refresh asset10 per minute
upload v12 per second
purge asset10 per second

Premium Feature

Premium customers can contact their account manager to discuss modifying the rate limit for their account. If you do not have a premium plan and require a custom rate limit, please contact our sales team (opens in a new tab) for more information.