HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status code Overview

If you receive an error code for an image request, you can find the meaning and possible causes below. In case you encounter an error that is not listed on this page, please feel free to contact support.

List of errors

400 Bad Request

  • The image is requested from a Web Proxy Source, and the URL that is proxied is not an absolute URL.
  • The image is requested from a Web Proxy Source with an invalid hostname.
  • There is a default parameter on your Source causing an issue.
    • Having a mark or blend referencing an image in the same Source will cause a loop due to how the mark works. If you are using a mark or blend, make sure it's referencing an image in a different Source.
  • Using a base64 parameter without base64 encoding will return a 400 response.
  • The base64 encoded string is not url safe. Make sure to replace + with - and / with _ and remove any trailing =. Read more here.

403 Forbidden

  • The image is requested from a Source with the Secure URL option turned on, but the s signature is either missing or invalid.
  • The Source is configured to know the presence of the object, but the object is missing.
  • Any permissions that the Source needs to access images from the origin are incorrect.

404 Not Found

  • The image cannot be accessed from the origin. Please check that:
    • The file path to the image is correct in your imgix source settings
    • If you're using an S3 source, check that the the S3 Access Key and Access Key ID credentials entered in imgix are valid, and that IAM user has sufficient permissions to access the object
    • The image can be accessed by imgix and is not being blocklisted
    • The HTTPS certificates on the origin are valid and working

410 Gone

  • The image is requested from a Source that is not deployed.
    • Check to see that the Source is actually deployed
  • The image is requested from a Source that does not contain the hostname of the URL under Domains.

413 Request Entity Too Large

  • The requested image is too large. Our current input limit is 500MB.

414 URI Too Long

  • The URI is too long. The current limit is 8000 characters.
    • Due to certain browser limitations, we recommend using a maximum of 2048 characters.

421 Misdirected Request

  • The requested image has failed internal verification. This is usually caused by a corrupt image.

422 Precondition failed

  • A parameter in the query string contains an invalid value, e.g. w=0.
  • The image (or watermark/blend) is not able to be processed
    magick identify -verbose image_name.png
  • You are using an SVG in the mark/blend URL in a Source where SVG rendering is not enabled
  • A color profile may be missing from the image (check the image metadata (opens in a new tab))
  • The GIF you're processing is too large either in frame count or individual frame size

424 Failed Dependency

  • An error occurred attempting to fetch the image from the Origin. (E.g. 5xx response at Origin)

500 Internal Server Error

  • An error occurred while processing the image.

503 Service Unavailable

  • Temporary unavailability due to processing requirements, i.e a requested GIF is too large.

504 Gateway Timeout

  • A timeout occurred while attempting to fetch the object from the origin.