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Understanding Origin Images

Understanding Origin Images

An Origin Image is any asset requested through our Rendering API from your connected source (e.g. Amazon S3 bucket, Google Cloud Storage bucket, Azure blob etc.). Images with derivatives of that same image (such as resizes and crops) do not count towards your Origin Image count.

For example, this is a single Origin Image:, while all of of the below are derivatives of the image above, and are not counted as additional Origin Images:


When using the rendering API, We recommend uploading the highest-resolution version images for use as Origin Images.

Note that non-image assets such as HTML, video, or even ZIP files are categorized Origin Images as long as they are requested through the rendering API.

How are Origin Image counts calculated?

Origin Image counts are reset at the beginning of every billing month. Origin Images are only counted if they are accessed in that current month, so if existing Origin Images are not accessed again in a new month, they will be left out of your Origin Image count.

Here's an example scenario:

  1. In January there were 1000 Origin Images that were accessed.
  2. If those assets are removed from the origin in January and purged so they are no longer accessible, they will still count as Origin Images for the month of January, as Origin Images are counted in the month they are accessed.
  3. In February, those assets will no longer count as Origin Images since they will return a 404 response.
  4. Origin Images that are accessed in both January and in February will be counted for both January and February.

If I purge an Origin Image, will it be counted again as another Origin Image?

Origin Images are counted by URL paths in a single month. If an asset has already been counted for a month and it is purged and accessed again, it will only register as a single Origin Image for that month.

If a file is removed from your origin and purged so that it returns an error, it will not be counted as an Origin Image only if there were no successful requests to that asset during that entire month. Otherwise, the count will reset next month, and requests to the removed asset will not register as an Origin Image since it will return a 404 error instead.