Background Replacement Negative Prompt bg-replace-neg-prompt

Premium Feature
Background Replacement is currently available for imgix customers on our Premium plans. If you’re interested in this feature, please contact our sales team to get more information on this feature.

Provides a negative prompt suggestion parameter to the bg-replace parameter. Accepts a string prompt value.

Here's an example of an original image of a runner:

Original photo of a runner

By applying bg-replace=in%20desert, the Background Replacement API replaces the original background with the prompt (in desert):

Modified photo of a runner in a desert

By applying bg-replace-neg-prompt=cloudy%20sky, the image generated will be less likely to have clouds:

Modified photo of runner in a desert with no clouds


Please reach out to your Account Manager or to Support if you have any questions or feedback.

See the API specification for more information about this parameter's value ranges and format.