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Blend Align

Blend Align


Adjusts the alignment of the overlay image relative to the base image.

Valid values are top, middle, bottom, left, center, and right. Multiple values can be used by separating them with a comma. If no value is explicitly set, the default behavior is center,middle.

  • Unset: Default. Position to the center middle of the base image.
  • top: Align to the top of the base image.
  • middle: Align to the vertical middle of the base image.
  • bottom: Align to the bottom of the base image.
  • left: Align to the left side of the base image.
  • center: Align to the horizontal center of the base image.
  • right: Align to the right side of the base image.

Note: blend-align is not applicable to color or text overlays—color overlays apply to the entire image, and text overlay positioning can be controlled with the txt-align parameter.