Fill Generative Seed fill-gen-seed

Premium Feature
Fill Generative Seed is currently available for imgix customers on a specific plan. If you’re interested in this feature, please contact our sales team to get more information.

Used to create predictable outputs when using fit=fill&fill=gen. The fill-gen-seed parameter accepts an integer that sets a seed for generative fill. Once a generative output is used with a seed for the first time, you can use that seed value to generate similar results with different prompts.

For example, if we generate the first render for fill-gen-seed=3 with the prompt eagle flying around, we will get this image below.

Image example with <code>fill-gen-seed=3</code>,format&fill-gen-seed=3&auto=compress,format

Any change to the prompt will always yield a similar image as long as fill-gen-seed=3 is used, even if we change the prompt to something like dragons flying around. Image example with dragons flying around,format&fill-gen-seed=3&auto=compress,format

Since we're using the same seed as the first generative fill ever returned, the positioning of the objects and shape will generally remain the same.

If we use a new seed (fill-gen-seed=4) and we have never used that parameter value before, the output will be very different: Image example with <code>fill-gen-seed=4</code>,format&fill-gen-seed=4&auto=compress,format

Any variation of fit=fill&fill=gen with fill-gen-seed=4 will return similar results to the first image ever output with fill-gen-seed=4.

It is not possible to clear a seed value once it has been used. We recommend incrementing your seed value to generate new generative fill variations.

See the API specification for more information about this parameter's value ranges and format.