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IPTC Passthrough


When used, the iptc parameter will determine if IPTC data should be passed for JPEG images. At this time, the IPTC parameter will only affect JPEG to JPEG processing.

Valid values are iptc=allow and iptc=block.

Setting iptc=allow will let IPTC data pass-through for JPEG images, whereas setting iptc=block will prevent any data from being passed through. By default, iptc=block is enabled when no parameter is specified.

This parameter can be configured by the imgix support team to use any of the following default behaviors:

  • Always block IPTC data
  • Always passthrough IPTC data
  • Pass/block based on the URL parameter value (default option) For Always block or Always passthrough behavior, both can be overridden by including iptc=allow or iptc=block in the image URL.

If you would like this enabled on your account, contact your Account Manager or Support.