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Image Height

Image Height


The height of the output image. Primary mode is a positive integer, interpreted as pixel height. The resulting image will be h pixels tall.

A secondary mode is a float between 0.0 and 1.0, interpreted as a ratio in relation to the source image size. For example, an h value of 0.5 will result in an output image half the height of the source image.

If only one dimension is specified, the other dimension will be calculated according to the aspect ratio of the input image. If both width and height are omitted, then the source image's dimensions are used.

If the fit parameter is set to clip or max, then the actual output height may be equal to or less than the dimensions you specify. If you'd like to resize using only h, please use fit=clip to ensure that the other dimension will be accurately calculated.

Note: The maximum output image size on imgix is 8192×8192 pixels. All output images will be sized down to accomodate this limit.