imgix APIs
Rendering API


This set of parameters gives you control over the output properties of your image across several aspects:

  • Format: (fm) Choose the image format for the final image (e.g. JPEG, PNG)
  • Quality: (q, lossless) Set the quality level for compression, and enable lossless compression for formats that support it.
  • Color: (chromasub, colorquant, cs) Change or remove color profiles or reduce the color information in the image. Can be used for file size reduction or visual effects.
  • Client Hints: (ch) Let the browser override image properties automatically based on the image headers.
  • Print Output: (dpi) Set print resolution.
  • Auto-Download: (dl) Make the image download instead of displaying in the browser.
  • IPTC: (iptc) Determine if IPTC data should be passed for JPEG images.