A Web Folder Source connects to your existing folder of assets that are on a publicly addressable website, usually your website’s existing asset folder.

Setting Up Your Web Folder Source

  1. Go to the Sources page in the imgix dashboard and click the New Source button.

  2. Select Web Folder from the Source Type dropdown. Screenshot-Web folder source setup

  3. Fill in the details for the Web Folder Source. The parameters are:

    • Base URL: The protocol, host, and path information to prepend to the path (such as http://www.yourcompany.com/images/).

      Note: To improve deliverability, you should use a path that will not redirect. For example, if your domain will redirect traffic from http to https, you should use https in your Base URL configuration.

  4. Name the Subdomain you'd like to use as the base URL for your assets.

    Note: The subdomain name you choose is unique to your Source and can't be re-used. If you're setting up a Source with a lot of customization (particularly a Custom Domain), choose the name you plan to use going forward.

    • If you are editing an existing Source and the Video API is enabled, the imgix Video Subdomain field will be visible. This field automatically inherits the value from your imgix Image Subdomain and cannot be modified without changing the Image Subdomain.

  5. Click the Save button. Your Source will be queued for deployment and you will be directed to the Source Details page.

Advanced Settings

See the Advanced Source Settings for information about setting up custom domains, defaults, and cache TTL options.

S3/GCS/Azure preferred
Whenever possible, it is recommended to use a natively-supported Source such as an S3 or GCS Source type for deliverability.

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