imgix’s wide variety of parameters give you powerful controls to manipulate, enhance, and optimize your images for delivery. These tutorials walk through specific problems and use cases and show you how to use imgix to unleash the full power of your imagery across your entire catalog.

Focal Point Cropping for Responsive Art Direction

Art-direct your responsive images more effectively for editorial with focal point cropping.

Next-Generation Responsive Images with Client Hints

Automate your responsive design with imgix’s Client Hints support

Responsive Images with srcset

Learn how to use srcset to support different device pixel ratios with imgix

Using imgix with <picture>

Learn how to use the picture element for art direction in responsive design

Improved Compression with Automatic Content Negotiation

Let imgix determine the best image format for your users, automatically

Best Practices for Creating Vector Assets

Learn best practices for setting up Illustrator and Sketch to create vector graphics for use with imgix

Managing Brand Assets from PDFs

Keep your brand assets together more easily and serve them at any size, on demand

Designing for Retina, Deploying with imgix

Design your images for optimal deployment at any device pixel ratio (DPR)

Multi-line Text & Overlays with the Typesetting Endpoint

Learn how to use imgix’s Typesetting Endpoint and the mark and blend parameters to do advanced text compositing, including leading and letterspacing

Managing User-Generated Images

Use imgix to automatically standardize and enhance images uploaded by your users

Dynamically Blending Images

Beautify your images with image and color blends

Dynamic Masking

Hide parts of your image with imgix’s masking parameters

Image Auto Enhancement On the Fly

Apply basic image enhancements to all of your images automatically, including color correction and red-eye removal

Automatic Point-of-Interest Cropping

Use imgix’s entropy cropping to automatically crop to the most meaningful content in your images

Optimize Images Using Dynamic Color Quantization

Reduce the color palette or yoru images to optimize image file size

Extract Image Metadata with JSON Output Format

Retrieve image metadata in JSON and use it to apply other parameters