Best Practices

  • Improving Site Performance

    Learn how to leverage imgix to reduce the page weight of your site, while maintaining beautiful images.

  • Improving SEO Traffic

    Learn how to set up your website and implement imgix to make your website and images more easily discoverable by search engines.

  • CDN Guidelines

    Learn how imgix's CDN powers advanced features, and the limitations of adding a third-party CDN.

  • Fingerprinting Images to Improve Page Load Speed

    Learn how fingerprinting images improves your caching and page load speed.

  • A Developer’s Guide to Understanding Image Types

    This is a guide to all of the major image types on the internet and their unique properties.

  • Optimize Images & Boost Performance of Your Statically Generated Site

    Learn how to serve dynamic images on your static site without affecting performance.

  • Ensuring Origin Deliverability

    Ensure that assets are always able to be fetched from your Origin.

  • Normalizing Video Input for the Web

    Learn how to optimize videos for video playback on the web.

  • Understanding Origin Images

    Learn about what an Origin Image is and how they are calculated.