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Editing Images in the Asset Manager

Editing Images in the Asset Manager

Editing images has never been easier in the Asset Manager. No need to fiddle with URLs or Photoshop to modify an image, the Asset Manager allows you to crop, scale and set automatic parameters for your images. After you've edited an image, you can copy the image URL to embed on your web applications, or download the image locally on your computer.

To access Image Editing, open the Asset Manager (opens in a new tab) and click on any image you want to edit, then click the image thumbnail.

Click the thumbnail

After you click the image thumbnail, you will see the image detail view. Two tabs will appear on the upper right-hand side. Click the Editing tab to open the Image Editor.

Editing tab

The Image Editor

Image editing section

Edits made in the Image Editor do not affect your original image. Instead, they generate URLs that transform the image according to the options you apply in this user interface.

Clicking the link icon (🔗) will copy the URL to your clipboard. Here's an example based on the screenshots above:

Clicking the download icon will prompt you to save that version of the image to your device: Image editing section

Size & Properties

The Size & Properties section controls the size of the image. Here, you can specify the aspect ratio, width and height of the image.

Size properties panel

Automatic Operations

Have imgix automatically adjust your images using one of the automatic options. The following options are available:

  • Format: Detects AVIF and WebP browser support to serve the best format for the web.
  • Compress: Alters the processing algorithm to apply image compression.
  • Enhance: Adjusts the image properties to create a more vibrant image.
  • Red Eye: Applies red-eye removal to detected faces.

Automatic Operations panel

Cropping Tools

Crop your image using Focal Point Crop. When enabled, the controls for focal point crop will be exposed. The available options are:

  • fp-x:: The horizontal or x value of the focal point of an image.
  • fp-y: The vertical or y value of the focal point of an image.
  • debug: Displays a crosshair overlay on the image that identifies where the focal point of the image is set.
  • fp-z: The zoom or z-dimension value of a focal point of an image.

Cropping Tools panel