The first step in working with imgix is to create a Source, which connects imgix to your image storage. There are currently five types of Sources:

  • Amazon S3: Connects to an existing Amazon S3 bucket with its own credentials.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Connects to an existing Google Cloud Storage bucket with its own credentials.
  • Microsoft Azure: Connects to an existing Microsoft Azure File Share or Container (Blob) with its own credentials.
  • Web Folder: Proxies content from a given domain (or a subfolder on the domain).
  • Web Proxy: Can proxy any valid image URL.

The requirements for each Source type vary. Sources may also contain additional configuration options such as default parameters, default images, cache-control headers, and cross-origin request information.

Limitations: When naming your Source subdomain, only a single level is allowed. For example, will be allowed, but will not. By default, each Source can have a total of 20 subdomains and custom domains combined. Each account can have up to 100 Sources. If you need more domains or more Sources than these limits, please contact us.